Undergraduate Program

English And Function Skills Level 1

Course Overview

Our Functional Skills English Level 1 is an ideal starting point. We teach you the basics of the English Language to improve your reading, writing and speaking skills. You’ll learn how to write clear sentences, use punctuation correctly, and read and understand texts. The aim is to develop a range of valuable skills that you can use in real life and take into the workplace.

When studying Functional Skills English Level 1, you will:

  • Improve your vocabulary skills
  • Learn to use punctuation correctly
  • Read, understand and discuss range of texts
  • Present your ideas and opinions in a clear way
  • Discover the purpose of writing for an audience
  • Take part in discussions that involve new subjects
  • In addition, you’ll start your English learning journey

Why Functional Skills English at Level 1?

Functional Skills English prepares you for the real-world by teaching you skills you will use in everyday life. It aims to build confidence, capability, and independence in using these skills, so you can function in society. So, for example, say you stress when reading technical letters or filling out forms, Functional Skills can make those moments simpler. No more thinking how to write down your thoughts on paper – we teach you how!

In addition, functional skills are now commonly accepted by employers. In fact, they show employers that you’ve taken the time to improve your skills for the workplace. A big win in their eyes. Better yet, functional skills are easier to learn, obtain, and are recognised by NCFE – a leading UK awarding body.

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